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Rather than site a laundry list of qualifications or quirks, I want to point out only my most valued and trusted tool. The one that you won’t see on a resumé; my eye. It is what lead me here long before I developed the technical skills required to excel and it is what continues to propel me to further success.


My eye for beauty and creativity is not a hat that is merely worn on set or a switch that is to be flipped on between 9 and 5. It is the constant in a life of an art director. I believe in creating beauty in all the spaces around me, from the clothes I wear to the home I live in. It is not for show, it is simply who I am. It is what brings me joy and purpose. 

I seek to infuse creativity and beauty into everything I touch. I believe that my passion and dedication to the craft will serve immense value to those who will take a chance on me.


I have meticulously worked to curate a portfolio that articulates my unique skillset and value as an art director. Thanks for taking a look :)




(801) 645-2614

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